The hCG Diet Solution To Very Low Calorie Dieting Weight Loss Effective Diets

The hCG Diet Solution To Very Low Calorie Dieting  Weight Loss Effective Diets

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The hCG Diet Solution To Very Low Calorie Dietingпрепарат от простатита

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Can you strip fat from your body fast with out losing muscle mass?  I am talking turbo fast fat loss where you are losing anywhere from ¾ of a pound of fat to 2 pounds of fat a day.  If you want to get results like this you have to think way outside of the box.  Even if you can’t seem to ever get rid of the fat that is ruining your muscle definition the hCG Diet Solution will bring the results you desire faster than you ever dreamed long system anmeldelser

John, a trainer at Fitness Inn,  summarized the general attitude toward very low calorie dieting when he said, “As a trainer I despise low calorie dieting and I believe it has no place in the gym or anywhere else.”  When asked to give the reasons for avoiding very low calorie dieting he quickly fired off these points.stabliss effet

Loss of muscle mass Damage to body organs Disruption of the body’s metabolismpckeeper antivirus removal

“There are a lot more if you have an hour or so to listen”, he continued, shooting me a stern glance.

As it turns out the body will metabolize your muscles faster than it will metabolize your fat if it can’t get enough energy to operate on during peak demand.  So when you engage in a very low calorie diet you risk losing the muscle mass you worked so hard to get.detoxic giá

Very Low Calorie dieting causes some of your body’s organs to shut down because they do not have the resources to keep operating.  The body will shut down some organs in order to keep the more necessary ones functioning, however those that get shut down can suffer permanent damage.xtrasize hinta

Disruption of the body’s metabolismling fluent

When the body is starved it begins to slow down its metabolic rate in order to conserve its energy source, which is calories.  Very low calorie dieting causes this to happen.  The really bad thing about this is that when you finally increase your calorie intake the extra slow metabolism causes you to store even more of your daily caloric intake as fat.  You gain fat even faster than before you went on the diet.längre fransar

What good is very low calorie dietinghammer of thor wirkung

The only thing that very low calorie dieting is good for is rapid weight loss but as we can see it will not be sustainable and could very well end up damaging your body and ruin your chances at attaining your goals.

But what if we could find a very low calorie diet that would give us the rapid weight loss in fat alone with NONE of the side effects of very low calorie dieting?  Well, there is such a diet and it is found in the hCG hormone.  In short hCG is a naturally occurring hormone in both men and women.  It is produced in the placenta and aids in the sexual development of the fetus.  It is approved by the FDA for the treatment of reproductive issues in men and women but not for weight loss.  Another effect that hGC has on the both men and women is that it causes the hypothalamus to activate the body’s fat cells.  It opens them up to either release fat of store fat at a very high rate.  This is the secret to the hCG diet solution.

The hCG diet solution or as some have mistakenly called it the hGC diet involves taking the hCG hormone either by injection or sublingually which then sets to work on the hypothalamus. When taking hGC and going on the 500 calorie hcg diet your body will make up the calorie deficit by accessing the fat stored in your fat cells.  You will metabolize up to 2500 calories of fat a day which results in losing fat steadily and rapidly.  Losing 1 to 2 pounds a day of fat is not uncommon because the body is drawing its calories from your fat cells. You are still receiving the nutrition your body needs and therefore you will suffer NONE of the side effects associated with very low calorie dieting.

John would have been the last person on earth that you would have thought might consider very low calorie dieting in order to rid his body of stubborn fat, but one day when he was laminating to his doctor  about his stubborn fat the doctor recommended the hCG solution to him.  John said: The hCG diet solution to ridding my body of stubborn fat frightened me a little bit, so I researched it heavily and then I tried it on my own before recommending it to my clients. I personally have also used hGC to get rid of stubborn fat and it works great.  I lost a lot of fat and had none of the usual side effects. 

Read Christian’s experience with the hGC diet solution and see what you think.

Try the hGC diet solution at yourHGC for yourself and be amazed at what happens!

Christian walker is a Life Style Seminar speaker, teacher, and author. He is the owner of the

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