Breast Enhancement Cookies

Breast Enhancement Cookies

Breast enhancement cookies is another innovative product where by eating cookies, you will get a bigger and firmer breast. But, is it effective? Does it really works? Let’s see this famous breast enhancement cookies available in the market. It is called F-cup cookies. WTP9V2RGWZZZ

F-cup Cookies

f-cup cookies
f-cup cookies

This breast enhancement cookies is a product imported from Japan, and there are getting popular until imitations were out in the market. It has the same breast enhancing ingredients as in breast enhancement chewing gum which I wrote in Breast Lift Without Implants post.

The idea of F-cup cookies is that you can achieve the F-cup size .. which is equivalent to DD cup in US by taking 2 cookies daily until you get there which could be weeks or months. A box of F-cup cookies contains 30 pieces of biscuits which is a half month supply.

This Japanese innovative product is a natural way for breast enhancement. As the name implies, F-cup Cookies will help you to achieve larger breasts while you enjoy the tasty and low calorie cook¡e. It is best served with Japanese tea.

The key to getting larger breast is actually due to the ingredient Pueraria Mirifica found in these cookies. The amount of 50mg of this P. Mirifica is stuffed into 1 cookie. The cookies come with 2 flavors; plain soy milk and chocolate flavor.

Disadvantages of this cookies

The price for a box of this cookies is around $40 dollars. Each large box contains 30 individually wrapped cookies for 15days supply. And in order to supply for 1 month, you will have to pay about $80 dollars (price might have changed).

The product may have been manufactured in a plant which processes wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, and/or soy products. If you are allergic to these ingredients, please refrain from using it.

Women who are pregnant, menstruation, breastfeeding, or if you have been diagnosed with medical conditions in ovaries, uterus, or breast should not consume this product.

If this product is taken excessively, it will cause you to have loose bowels or even diarrhea. Because this cookie is tasty, it is inevitable one might have consumed more than 2 daily.

And it is not suitable for women under 21 years of age.

Since this product is consumed directly and enter the stomach, most of the valuable ingredients are lost in the gastric of the stomach. It might leave only small amount to be absorbed into the body thus reduce it’s effectiveness.

It will take a long time to see results due to the small amount absorbed into the body

It maybe inconvenient to carry this cookies along as it is crispy and easily broken and loose.


In conclusion, breast enhancement cookies have a lot of drawbacks which is not suitable to enlarge or lift your breasts. Unless you treat this expensive cookies as snack and the ingredients in it as a bonus for enhancing your breast, otherwise, it is not recommended.

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